Inside the Page Editor

Apart from the widgets you also have the ability to insert entries from the Content Store [contentstore icon], to link to specific pages [ link icon], or to link to a specific entry [pencil icon]. You can also insert different media items and images [image icon].

For example, to link a few words [select a word from TEXT] to a specific page, highlight the desired words and click the [Link Page] icon. This will display a list of all pages in ContentBox from which you can choose the desired page to link to and even specify whether the link should be SSL or not. The same can be done with ContentBox blog entries.

You can also insert from the Content Store [ccontentstore icon]. You can try inserting something from the Content Store you will see it creates a kind of pseudo Markup. ContentBox will automatically render this content when the page is viewed.

Hint [clicking the eye or type CTRL+P] to get a preview and to actually see the translation of that markup.

As an administrator here you have full control of how this editor looks like. So for example right now you are seeing every single option known to man. However, you can basically limit this for editors. You can limit actually all the controls that you are seeing. So you have all control of how everything looks and feels. So if you need to make it simpler you can really do so very easily.

You can also insert images from the media manager gallery [click image icon\/beside ‘A’], you can insert an image and say, browse server [click browse server], and you'll see that it’ll give you our ColdBox file browser [will pop up]. You can see the different medias that are available in the system [ ICONS\/quit list view]. You can actually create new media very easily by drag and drop.

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