Whether you have a website with a lot of traffic, or not, it pays to have a test / staging site setup to test out changes to your website. One of the biggest problems with having a staging and production website, is moving data from one environment into another. This need inspired the Content Import and Export features in ContentBox.
The Import and Export tools are located in the Admin menu under Tools.
Export Tools are located under Tools in the Admin Menu
From this panel you can choose to export your entire site or parts of it as a *.box archive package.
Export Tools Options - Everything or Picky
You have 2 options, Export everything, and Mr Picky, where you can pick and choose.
Export - Pick and Choose what to export - 1
Export - Pick and Choose what to export - 2
Export - Pick and Choose what to export - 3
As you can see in the pick and choose, there are lots of options. Pages, Entries, Categories, ContentStore, Authors, Roles, Permissions, Security Rules, Settings and much more. This makes it easy to pick and choose the content you need to move.
When you are ready, you can click Export Preview to see exactly what will be exported ( see below ).
Export Preview - See what you will export, and how many items of each type
Once you are happy with your selection, click Start Export
Are you sure you wish to start the export dialog
Once complete, you will be prompted to save your cbox file.
Save Dialog Prompt
Once you have exported your content into a cbox file, you can import it to the installation of your choice, through Tools > Import
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