What's new With 6.0.0

December 18, 2023

ContentBox 6 is a major update for this CMS, including its supporting libraries. This version includes tons of improvements and stability enhancements that will make your content fly.

You can find our release notes here, and we will discuss our major areas of improvement for this release. If you need to upgrade your previous versions of ContentBox, please see our upgrade guide.

ContentBox CLI

The ContentBox CLI based on CokmkmandBox is also updated to support C0ojntentB0ox 6 natively:

box install contentbox-cli

That's it. This will install the contentbox namespace to assist you in your ContentBox adventures. Please see the installation guide on usage.

ColdBox 7 Core

We have upgraded our core to ColdBox 7, and we have received a tremendous amount of benefits (https://coldbox.ortusbooks.com/readme/release-history/whats-new-with-7.0.0). Here are some of the features we get with this upgrade:

  • New CFML Engines Support

  • JDK 11 and 17 Support

  • Asynchronous programming. We have introduced the concepts of the async package to the core and ContentBox will leverage more of these features for background job processing, automation and much more.

  • New logging facilities and enhancements

  • Better exception handling for developers

  • REST Handlers and highly performant REST Routing

  • Transient and ORM performance

  • ColdBox Delegates

  • App Modes

  • Date Helpers

  • Tons of Scheduled task updates

  • Much more!

CBSecurity 3

We have migrated our cbsecurity module to the latest version to give you a wealth of features (https://coldbox-security.ortusbooks.com/readme/release-history/whats-new-with-3.0.0) such as:

  • Fortified rule engine

  • Firewall Visualizer

  • Delegations

  • JWT enhancements

  • Cross-site request forgery support

Ortus ORM Lucee Extension

We have released our own Hibernate support extension for Lucee: https://orm-extension.ortusbooks.com/

This comes with tons of features, enhancements, and speed.

Content Templates

Most content objects have the same type of content over and over again. ContentBox content templates will allow you to capture this content into a reusable template that can be easily recreated.

Content Templates are stored according to the three main ContentBox types or globally for all content types:

  1. Entry

  2. Page

  3. ContentStore

The content templates will capture the following information:

  • Title

  • Content

  • Description (content store)

  • Excerpt (page, entry)

  • Custom Fields

  • Categories

  • SEO

  • Modifiers

  • Cache Settings

  • Featured Image

  • Display Options (Page)

  • Editor in Use

  • Markup

This information will be restored once you start a new content object based on the template.

Domain Aliases

You can add as many domain aliases as you want to site definitions. This will allow ContentBox to match 1 or more domain expressions to one site.

Migrations FTW!

Previously, all releases relied on the Hibernate Schema builder to build the initial database. This was great initially, but dealing with four major RDBS and the different intricacies they bring was a disaster and a pain to manage. With the advent of ColdBox migrations, we have moved all our database schema-related operations to source-controlled migrations.

You will now find a few valuable scripts in your box.json

  • contentbox:migrate:up

  • contentbox:migrate:down

Custom Migrations

You can also create your custom migrations using the default manager and source control additions to your ContentBox installations. They will be stored in the resources/database folder.


The ColdBox CORS module is now included to assist with headless communication and API deployment. You can configure it like any other ColdBox module.

Focus Mode

We have started to introduce focus modes wherever content can be edited. This creates a seamless experience so you can focus on content editing and no distractions.

CBFS Powered Media Manager

CBFS now powers our ContentBox media manager. Our ColdBox File System module. This increases the performance of all file operations and allows you to store the media content on any CBFS Disk: local, RAM, AWS, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud Storage, and more.

// Register the disks on the system
"disks"       : {
  // Your default application storage
  "contentbox" : {
 	provider   : "Local",
	properties : {
		path    : "#controller.getAppRootPath()#modules_app/contentbox-custom/_content",
		diskUrl : function(){
			return application.wirebox
				.getInstance( "CBHelper@contentBox" )

The menu manager has been upgraded to render previews correctly and help you build reusable menu content. We are not done, but it's a step up.

Content History Redirects

If you change the slug a new page redirect will be created for you on any page or blog entry. For SEO purposes, all slug changes will be kept in our new page redirects table. You can also add manual redirects within each content piece if you want as well. A great win for SEO!

Release Notes


New Features


  • CONTENTBOX-721 Menu Manager Improvements

  • CONTENTBOX-1296 Add historical slug storage and automatic redirects

  • CONTENTBOX-1399 Editors Should Have the Ability to Evict Content Cache with new permission: RELOAD_CACHES

  • CONTENTBOX-1429 Sitemap Search in Admin is extremely slow on large sites.

  • CONTENTBOX-1447 Logical Groupings for Content Template Form Fields

  • CONTENTBOX-1448 Move Global Content Template Assignment Up to Template List

  • CONTENTBOX-1455 'Remove All' button is displayed under Blog > Custom Fields even when there are no custom fields defined.

  • CONTENTBOX-1458 Remove content returnformats for pdf to avoid server and bot attacks

  • CONTENTBOX-1469 Improve position of the menu toggle

  • CONTENTBOX-1474 Enhance logo quality

  • CONTENTBOX-1488 latest logins should only be displayed if the tracker is enabled

  • CONTENTBOX-1489 SEO for meta data on home page, needs to follow site rules instead of page only rules

  • CONTENTBOX-1490 Removed moment js to luxon for increased support and viability

  • CONTENTBOX-1494 When using hierarchical slugs on the contentstore and pages the api does not work for retreiveing the right slug due to CF decoding of encoded slugs


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