Across the top of the ContentBox Dashboard is the header bar. Let's take a look at the icons and buttons, from left to right. On the upper left, next to the ContentBox logo (which will return you to the dashboard), is a button that allows you to toggle the menu. Clicking this button allows the main content of the page to occupy more real estate. To the right of this button is a robust global search feature that categorizes your search results into ContentStore, Page, and User.

In the upper right corner of the header are four buttons. The first is the House icon which takes you to the active site's homepage. To its right is the Plus icon, which allows you to add content, including new pages, new content store items, new users, new media, and new menus. The third button, second from right, is a Gear icon which allows you to perform cache-clearing functions, including RSS caches, content caches, the template cache, and more. You can also reload ORM as well. You can even reload every single module that you have available at ContentBox - your entire application - from this menu.

In the main section of the Dashboard you have three tabs: Content Reports, Recent Comments, and Recent News. The data in the Content Reports tab contains your latest edits, followed by other types of content: Future Published, Expired, and Drafts.

To the right of the main, three-tabbed section you can find the right panel, which is divided up into three sections: Data Snapshots, Latest Logins, and a Help Section. Under the first section, Data Snapshots, you can check on the Top Hits & Comments, Discussion Counts, and Content Counts. These expandable menu selections allow you to drill down to get more detail on your site's popular pages, pending approvals, and other important statistics.

Everything you see through the site has what we call a Quick View. By right-clicking on any instance you can get the content immediately as a Quick View so you can edit or actually view it and see the content within. Note: You can’t Quick View the Content Store.

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