Under Recent Content you have Recent Pages, Recent Entries, and Recent Content Store.
On the right panel you have Data Snapshots where you can check Top visited Content, Top commented Content, Discussions, and Content. Everything you see through the site has what we call a Quick View. By right-clicking on any instance you can get the content immediately as a Quick View so you can edit or actually view it and see the content within. Note: You can’t Quick View the Content Store.
Then you have the whole layout of the administrator. In the upper right corner, you have who you are and the about information about the software. There is also the add/remove Sidebar button so that you can remove the Sidebar to have more reading space. On the upper left, you have your administrator commands [the house icon on top] opening the site, [the plus icon] adding new data, [pencil icon] creating posts [the pencil icon + close], and some administrative options [master 3xWheel icon:] like the ability to clear the caches, reload the applications, reload the ORM, reload the administrator, and reload every single piece of module that you have available at ContentBox. You have a Global Search that searches pretty much anything in your ContentBox.
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