Look & Feel

[Look & Feel + Layouts] Now, Look and Feel are obviously very important. So you have our layouts section. As you can see some of our sections are tied to forgebox [ForgeBox upper right corner].

Again this is administration permission, but you can actually talk into ForgeBox [click ForgeBox] so you can connect to ForgeBox. It will bring you all the different setups available that you can install immediately. If you download a layout, for example, you can then go to your Manage Layouts.

[click manage layouts / left side panel] and you can see that the new layout will be there. If you want to set it as your current layout you can go ahead and activate it [click Activate for the layout]. You can go to your site and check your new layout. So very easy [back to admin \/ active layout] you can now start skinning or downloading themes.

If you are building themes just please remember to contribute to ForgeBox so everybody can benefit.

[Manage Layouts] Management is for you to be able to see which layouts you have. Activate them, upload them, if you need to upload a new theme [Upload layout / up right], rebuild the internal registry, or do any kind of clean up.

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