Static Site Generation

ContentBox 3.1 now supports the generation of static sites from your content and even your blog. This is a great addition to ContentBox as now you can produce static versions and workflows, deploy to CDN networks, secure your content and much more. Once you click on the Start Generation button, ContentBox will go over your entire site and produce a static archive for you in the associated theme. It will also announce two interception points for you during the process:

  • cbadmin_preStaticSiteExport : Receives all the export options in the intercept data so you can alter the export behavior.

  • cbadmin_postStaticSiteExport : Receives all the export options and also a results structure with the following keys: exportLog:builder, exportDirectory, exportArchive. This is a great way to listen for the export and send to S3 for archiving, etc.

Warning Dynamic elements like commenting, searching, etc must require a JavaScript implementation. So make sure you have a static export strategy in place.

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