Overriding ContentBox Settings

ContentBox allows you to override global site settings dynamically. This approach is great for container based deployments, but also for traditional overrides for testing or staging environments.

Override ContentBox Settings via ColdBox.cfc

You can override any runtime setting for ContentBox via a configuration structure in your main ColdBox.cfc configuration file. This will allow developers to override any runtime setting for any site.

All you need to do is create a contentbox structure in your configure() or any tier method, with the name of the site (default is the default site) and then any setting name-value pair.

contentbox = {
    // Runtime Settings Override by site slug
    settings = {
        // Default site
        default = {
            "cb_search_adapter"      = "my.search.adapter",
            "cb_media_directoryRoot" = "/docker/mount"

Override ContentBox Settings via Java Environment Variables

You can also override any runtime ContentBox setting by passing them via Docker/Java Runtime variables.

Since these are string keys we can now use our fancy structures like the settings above, so you must adhere to our recognition pattern:


Here is an example on adding a custom media root:


This will allow especially Docker environments to override settings as environments or even provide secrets. More is coming, so stay tuned to our updates.

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