This option is under Users in the left side navigation bar. This is a list of all permissions available for the site.

There is a quick search box at the top of the permissions page if you are looking for a specific permission.

On the permissions page you will see 4 headings.

  • Permission - This is the name of the permission

  • Description - This explains the permission and what access it allows for the user

  • Roles Assigned - This shows you how many users are using this permission currently.

  • Actions

    • Green Icon - Edit the permission

    • Red Delete Icon - Delete the permission.

Creating Permissions

Click Create Permission to add a permission. A permission consists of:

  • Permission ( commonly known as a slug / name )

  • Description

A Permission Slug can be referenced from inside of code used in Widgets, Modules, Themes, restricting access however you see fit. Creating a permission allows you to assign the permission to Roles and/or Users, but will not be functional without code referencing the Permission ( slug ).

A Permission ( slug ) can also be referenced from inside the Security Rules as well. Security rules are used to secure ContentBox according to incoming events or URLs, much like a firewall. See that System > Security Rules for more information on how Permissions are used.

Bulk Actions

In the top right section of the page, you will see a Bulk Actions button next to Create Permission. This allows you to do the following:

  • Import

  • Export All as JSON

  • Export All as XML


This is a nice feature when you manage several sites. You can setup permissions on one site, and then export them, and import them into the other sites you manage.

For safety reasons, when you Import Permissions, by default you will not override any content. If you have existing Permissions, that you want to be updated, please set Override Content to true. Otherwise existing content will be skipped during the import process.

Export as JSON / XML

Exporting to JSON or XML is a simple process. Click Bulk Actions and select your format, and in seconds you will see a file download prompt pop up, asking you to open or save your file ( in most browsers ).

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