Admin Options

Dashboard Customization

When you or your team log into your ContentBox site, you see your ContentBox Dashboard. You can see recent content, recent comments, recent news, some data snapshots… but you can also quickly customize this to help your team communicate. It is as easy as changing a few ContentBox admin settings.

Click on System > Settings and then click on Admin Options.

You can change the Title / Welcome that shows up on the dashboard.

'Welcome to the Dark Side - The Admin'

You can update the Dashboard message, so when everyone logs in, they're reminded of some of your rules, regulations, or maybe a holiday message. As seen above:

Blog posts should be scheduled for daily at 7am PST to ensure better readability.
All Blog posts should be included with an image.
Images should be 800x200.
Ensure all posts have their own SEO content.

One of the nice touches I think, is you can update the NEWS RSS feed. This allows you to add some humor to your day, by adding something like Dilbert's RSS feed… or maybe you can use an aggregator to follow what is happening in the CFML world, or maybe some blogs which you need to read and then update your audience.

Number of Records in Dashboard

You can set the number of items to show up in your dashboard, by type. Set the number for each of the following:

  • News Feed Count

  • Recent Entries Count

  • Recent Pages Count

  • Recent Content Store Count

  • Recent Comments Count

  • Recent Logins Count

These default to 10 when first installing ContentBox

Paging Options

You also have control of your Website paging, on the front end, for blog posts, as well as content in the back end of your website.

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