An Easy Example

Let’s start with an easy sample

Creating a News Page

[Pages view] Create a New Page [Create Page] and name it “News Page” [title]. Inside the CKEditor [ckeditor window] type: “Welcome to my news!” and give it a heading [heading 2].

Click Create a New Widget and type “RSS” in the Quick Filter. Select the RSS Widget. You will see that it gives you an error because you need to fill out the required info for the widget. To do this, get the RSS link for your favorite news site and paste it in the feed URL field. If your link is valid, you should see a list of links display in the Widget Preview area.

Before clicking Insert Widget there are a few things you can modify. For example, maxItems allows you to select very easily how many items you want to be displayed. You can also use showBody in order to show the body or collapse the body of the news article.

Now that you are done configuring the options that the RSS widget offers, click Insert Widget. You should now see a graphical representation of your widget within the CKEditor content editing area.

Hint You can configure your inserted widget anytime by double-clicking the widget content, or by choosing “Edit Widget” from the context menu

You can actually have a Quick Preview by clicking the EYE or typing the Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + P. The Quick Preview allows you to see how the changes you have made to your page (like your new widget) are going to render on your site before publishing them.

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