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What's New With 5.3.0

August 9, 2022


  • CONTENTBOX-1442 regression - the author preferences UI form should not overwrite all preferences when saving
  • CONTENTBOX-1438 Adding a category when creating a new blog post causes an error
  • CONTENTBOX-1437 Upgrade to ContentBox 5.2 from 5.0 does not allow pages to save
  • CONTENTBOX-1436 PAGES_EDITOR permission should allow for publishing/unpublishing for editors
  • CONTENTBOX-1435 Pagination stops working intermittently when navigating the site tree
  • CONTENTBOX-1430 Media manager context menus breaking intermittently and only a full reload will fix
  • CONTENTBOX-1426 Publishing time is decimal formatted not Time Formatted
  • CONTENTBOX-1423 Do not allow to set yourself as your own parent in pages
  • CONTENTBOX-1421 Import dialog broken regression on all editors
  • CONTENTBOX-1418 Retrieval Order Field will Only Accept Numbers up to 99
  • CONTENTBOX-1416 Blog entry content should not have parent modifier


  • CONTENTBOX-1335 Link the swagger resources to the actions in the api module

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