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What's New With 5.1.0

March 21, 2022

Upgrade From 5.0.0

If you are upgrading from 5.0.0 you will need to do the following:
  • Stop your server and make a backup just in case
  • Open the box.json in the root of your project and make sure the following package scripts exist, if not, add them
"scripts" : {
"contentbox:migrate" : "migrate up migrationsDirectory=modules/contentbox/migrations",
"contentbox:migrate:up" : "run-script contentbox:migrate",
"contentbox:migrate:down" : "migrate down migrationsDirectory=modules/contentbox/migrations",
  • Open a box shell in the root of your project
  • Remove the resources folder in the root: rm resources --force --recurse
  • Run update --force to update your installation to the latest release
  • Run run-script contentbox:migrate:up to upgrade your database to this patch level
  • Startup your engines!!

Release Notes



  • CONTENTBOX-1410 Widget Form missing type and class elements
  • CONTENTBOX-1409 regression: issue when resetting an user password due to change to getFullName()
  • CONTENTBOX-1407 Media Manager Item Contextual Menus Do Not Work
  • CONTENTBOX-1405 Cloning Fails if Title of Page/entry/contentstore that Contains an Apostrophe
  • CONTENTBOX-1398 Cloning a Page with Children Produces an Error
  • CONTENTBOX-1397 Settings should not be cached on a per host basis anymore, since a single instance manages 1 or x number of sites
  • CONTENTBOX-1396 Deleting Permissions is not working due to change of primary key from numeric to string
  • CONTENTBOX-1381 Individual ContentBox Content-Level Cache Settings are Never Checked
  • CONTENTBOX-1379 Fail Quietly on ContentBox Module Removal
  • CONTENTBOX-1367 error on relocate widget when arguments have no length
  • CONTENTBOX-1365 Paginated results in CBAdmin for Page Children returns non-parented results for page 2
  • CONTENTBOX-1364 Relocation Widget Always inserts URL arg even when selecting page
  • CONTENTBOX-1362 Change all date comparisons on the expirations and publishing dates to dateCompare() to avoid ambiguity with types
  • CONTENTBOX-1361 Pages with null expiration date show as Expired in Page Editor
  • CONTENTBOX-1358 API throwing exception when content objects exist in multiple sites
  • CONTENTBOX-1357 If using the contentbox installer and no database tables are created yet, running the migrations fail due to tables not found
  • CONTENTBOX-1356 Invalid setting name on migration removing unique constraints
  • CONTENTBOX-1355 Category isPublic new boolean flag cannot be notnull=true as it has been a new added field
  • CONTENTBOX-1354 Rapidoc is not publishing on latest builds
  • CONTENTBOX-1353 MSSQL Issues when upgrading v4 databases due to uuid's and invalid sql syntaxes
  • CONTENTBOX-1333 If you activate a new theme in the active theme area, contentbox creates double entries for theme settings


  • CONTENTBOX-1401 Add a Warning Confirmation When a Published Page is About to Be Sent to Draft
  • CONTENTBOX-1386 cleanup of dev dependencies on site box.json
  • CONTENTBOX-1384 Remove development environment from 127 ip due to container executions
  • CONTENTBOX-1383 Remove cacheLayout column/values from SQL seeder files
  • CONTENTBOX-1380 Remove Individual Page Handling of SSL
  • CONTENTBOX-1373 Add support for x-forwarded-port to the site root url builder in order to assist with proxied web servers
  • CONTENTBOX-1363 Consolidate and encapsulate the usage of date/time methods for publish/expire date in the base content
  • CONTENTBOX-1359 Add Error handling to renderWithSearchResults
  • CONTENTBOX-1351 Resources folder that contain apidocs + seeders + migrations is not updateable



  • Master artifact was stuck at -snapshot fix with master artifact


  • CONTENTBOX-1412 VerifyPageLayout() on the page rendering touches the filesystem on each request, removing this as it is not needed
  • CONTENTBOX-1368 rc.pageUri is only the first segment of the actual slug, now it contains the full hierarchical slug