Site Options

On this menu you will have the following options to change:

Site Options

Site Name: This is the global name of this ContentBox website. This is the name that will display in the browser and what will normally show up in search engines. In the default Theme, this is the Header for the site ( unless you select a logo image ).

Site Tag Line: This is a slogan, motto, your USP Unique Selling Proposition, or short catchy 10 second elevator pitch. This is commonly used as a Alt tag for Logos by themes, each theme varies.

Site Description: The description of the site, also used in HTML description meta tag. This will also appear in the search engine results under the name. You can override this in blog posts, pages, and in modules.

Site Keywords: A comma delimited list of keywords to be used in the HTML keywords meta tags. This helps the search engine identify what your site contains. You can override this in blog posts, pages, and in modules.

Home Page Displays: This enables you to choose the latest blog entries page or an existing ContentBox page to display as the homepage for the website.

Send ContentBox Identity Header: This allows you to enable or disable a Browser Header, to help tools and browsers to identify the software powering the website. This is hidden from users.

Settings Cache Provider: Choose the CacheBox provider to cache global site settings into.

Blog Options

Disable Blog: You can disable the Blog for the entire ContentBox website. This does not delete data, it just disables blog features... including the addition of a Menu Item called Blog if you are using the default page navigation.

Note: If you disable the blog, remember to change the Home Page Display above to a real page and not the blog listing if you are disabling the blog.

Blog Entry Point: Choose the entry point in the URL to trigger the blog engine. The usual defautl entry point pattern is blog. Do not use symbols or slashes (/ )

Site Maintenance

Site Maintenance: You can put your entire site in maintenance mode if you are doing upgrades. This will make it easier to work on major changes to the site without customers seeing half completed work. The site will display a Offline Message, set in the Offline Message field, unless the Theme has a custom Maintenance Layout or Maintenance View.

Offline Message: The message to show users once the site is in maintenance mode, HTML is ok.

Viewing the Site while in Maintenance Mode

If you are logged in, with the MAINTENANCE_MODE_VIEWER permission, you will be able to view the site even when the site is in Maintenance Mode. When the site is in Maintenance Mode, you will see a Red Maintenance banner, to remind you the site is in Maintenance for other users.

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