Inserting a Simple Widget

Lets add a widget into a page. In this example, we're going to insert a simple ContentBoxBadge Widget which has no parameters or arguments. We show you how to create this Widget in the Developing for ContentBox section of the documentation.

Lets browse in the admin to Content > Sitemap and click on a page. Find the location in the text you would like to add your widget, and click the Green ContentBox Widget icon ( circled below ).

Pick a Widget out of the list, you can filter the widgets, or select by category ( categories are defined in the Widget properties ).

Click anywhere on the Widget itself, and the Insert Widget Dialog will open like the screen below.

If there were arguments, you could adjust them here. If this is the widget you want, and the preview looks good, click Insert Widget. Back to Widgets allows you to return to the Widget list to look for a different widget. Cancel returns you to the Content Editors.

Once inserted, click Publish, and then you'll see a Widget placeholder like this.

If you right click on the widget, you can get a Widget Context menu like below. You can edit, or remove a Widget through that context menu, or just double click the Widget placeholder to edit directly.

This example has no arguments or parameters to change, but if you did, you would be able to edit those here, and click Update Widget to save those changes.

You can preview the page using our Responsive Previewer which allows you to see what your page will look like, in desktop, tablet and phone views ( horizontal and vertical ).

When you are happy, ensure you save / publish your page to keep your changes. Once saved, you can view it on the front end of the website.

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