Editor Features

Editor Auto Save

We have introduced local storage auto saving capabilities for all editors in ContentBox. No matter the implementation, we will provide auto-save capabilities. This is a great way to know that silently your work is secure. I don't know how many times I select all and type by mistake. This feature has saved my bacon, and now you know about it, it could save you too. Editor

Escaping Markup Translations

With any Bulletin Board Forum, or CMS, they each have their own syntax for special markup. You can now use the <escape></escape> syntax in any content editor to escape ContentBox translations for settings, markdown, etc.

Editor Responsive Previews

All live previews are now responsive. Meaning you can choose from the responsive previewer the type of device and get immediate feedback of the content result in real-time.

Editor UI Updates

The content editors have completely been re-designed for mobile first paradigm. They sport new tabbed interfaces for history, comments, custom fields and editing. You also have much more real estate when editing and even full screen editing support… including auto shrinking the left side bar, with an option to shrink the right sidebar too.

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