Dynamic Variable Output

As you can imagine, there are a lot of widgets you can use in ContentBox. Most widgets have specific and larger functionality… sometimes you might want something quick and simple… like outputting a single variable. You can output any RC or PRC variable with a simple helper function.

What does RC and PRC mean:

  • RC - Request Collection

  • PRC - Private Request Collection

The underlying framework (ColdBox) will merge the incoming URL/FORM/REMOTE variables into a single structure called the request collection structure that will live inside the request context object. We also internally create a second collection called the private request collection that is useful to store data and objects that have no outside effect.


The code below allows you to easily output from any of these source:


This will output the name variable from the RC scope.

Accessing URL Variables

This means you can output URL variables in your content. Look at this example, with the following url

mydomain.com/?name=Gavin Pickin

You could access the name with ${rc:name}

You can tap into more items in the RC and PRC scopes as well, but you have to remember, you cannot output a struct to the page, only strings.

This gives you some nice options for form submissions, searches, and ways to add more information to a normal pages if you write your own modules.

Escaping Dynamic Output

If you actually want to use the text above, without trying to output a variable, you can escape the code.


If you do not escape the variables, and the variable doesn't exist, you'll see an error message like this:

Error translating setting on target prc:page.renderContent(): The variable: page.renderContent() is undefined in the request collection (private=true) Keys Found: META,currentLayout,CBENTRYPOINT,currentRoutedURL,layoutmodule,currentView,CBROOT,layoutoverride,CBWIDGETROOT,CBSETTINGS,COMMENTSCOUNT,CATEGORIES,cbox_incomingContextHash,currentRoute,CBADMINENTRYPOINT,COMMENTS,PAGEOVERRIDE,OCURRENTAUTHOR,CBTHEME,CBTHEMEROOT,currentViewArgs,PAGE,viewModule Error translating setting on target rc:lastname: The variable: lastname is undefined in the request collection (private=false) Keys Found: namespaceRouting,event,pageSlug,format,namespace


Any setting stored in ContentBox can be output using the following markup: ${setting_name}. This is a great way to create site-wide static settings that can be output in any editor.

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