Scaffold a Module

If you are planning to build a module, a great way to get started is using Scaffolding a Module using CommandBox. CommandBox has a lot of commands, the one we will be using in this case is the ColdBox command. The ColdBox command inside of CommandBox allows you to do a lot of things, including coldbox create for all of these items:

  • view

  • app-wizard

  • orm-virtual-service

  • unit

  • integration-test

  • interceptor-test

  • orm-entity

  • orm-service

  • app

  • interceptor

  • orm-event-handler

  • model

  • layout

  • handler

  • bdd

  • module

  • orm-crud

  • model-test

  • controller

We are of course interested in creating a module. Lets look at that command

coldbox create module

The params for this command are the following:


There is also a flag for script: --script

Lets create a module with the command, and see what it produces. Note: Be in the root of your app so the command knows where to put the files. If you are in a subfolder, the command might get lost.

coldbox create module name=customModule2 author="Gavin Pickin" authorURL="" description="Custom Module 2" version="1.2.3" cfmapping="customModule2Mapping" modelNamespace="customModuleName" directory="modules_app" script=true

Looking at the arguments in more detail

  • name=customModule2

  • author="Gavin Pickin"

  • description="Custom Module 2"

  • version="1.2.3"

  • cfmapping="customModule2Mapping"

  • modelNamespace="customModuleName"

  • directory="modules_app"

  • script=true

The command outputs this:

Created C:\www\wwwplayground\modules_app/customModule2
Created C:\www\wwwplayground\modules_app\customModule2\handlers
Created C:\www\wwwplayground\modules_app\customModule2\handlers\Home.cfc
Created C:\www\wwwplayground\modules_app\customModule2\models
Created C:\www\wwwplayground\modules_app\customModule2\models\models_here.txt
Created C:\www\wwwplayground\modules_app\customModule2\ModuleConfig.cfc
Created C:\www\wwwplayground\modules_app\customModule2\views
Created C:\www\wwwplayground\modules_app\customModule2\views\home
Created C:\www\wwwplayground\modules_app\customModule2\views\home\index.cfm

Here is a visual display of the directory structure

The command creates a Module Config file with all your information. It creates a default handler, called Home.cfc in the handlers folder. It creates a models folder, with just a placeholder file. It creates a views folder, with the home folder to match the handler, and creates a default index.cfm view.

It is a great way to get started. You can use many of the other ColdBox commands to create additional handlers, views, layouts. Next time you want to create a module, instead of remembering the conventions, and what files you need, scaffold it with CommandBox's ColdBox create command.

ColdBox modules all work with ContentBox, so what will you create?

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