Accessing Logged in User

Whether you are in a blog post, page, or a front end module ( anything using the Theme ), ContentBox makes it easy to work with the currently logged in User. In ContentBox, a user is called an Author. You can use these terms interchangeably.

During the PrepareUIRequest, that runs whenever we setup the ContentBox core, Theme etc, ContentBox gets the currently logged in user and stores it in the PRC ( Private Request Collection )`

To access the user, you can use this variable


You can dump this variable out, but I would limit the number of rows deep you go, as this object has objects which has objects, and can give you a heap space error.

<cfdump var="#prc.oCurrentAuthor#" top=3> or writeDump( var=prc.oCurrentAuthor, top=3 );

What is available with the Current Logged in User?

  • Author First Name prc.oCurrentAuthor.getFirstName()

  • Author LastName prc.oCurrentAuthor.getLastName()

  • Author Email prc.oCurrentAuthor.getEmail()

  • Author Username prc.oCurrentAuthor.getUserame()

  • Author Created Date prc.oCurrentAuthor.getCreatedDate()

  • Author Modified Date prc.oCurrentAuthor.getModifiedDate()

  • Author Last Login Date prc.oCurrentAuthor.getLastLogin()

  • Author Biography prc.oCurrentAuthor.getFirstName()

  • Author Preferences prc.oCurrentAuthor.getFirstName()

  • Author Role prc.oCurrentAuthor.getRole().getName()

Additional Author Content

prc.oCurrentAuthor.entries() returns an Array of entries / blog posts

prc.oCurrentAuthor.getNumberOfEntries() returns a count of entries / blog posts

prc.oCurrentAuthor.pages() returns an Array of pages

prc.oCurrentAuthor.getNumberOfEntries() returns a count of entries / blog posts

prc.oCurrentAuthor.getPermissions() returns an Array of A La Carte Permissions

prc.oCurrentAuthor.getPermissionsList() returns an string containing a list of A La Carte Permissions

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