The Content Store
[Click Content dropdown ContentStore] The content store is one of the most interesting features of ContentBox which allows you to store any piece of content, whether it can be Java Script, HTML CSS internalization bid, anything that you like can be stored, binaries images RSS feeds, you name it. You can store anything you want in the content store.
This is also a custom content type based on ORM object. Same capabilities [global actions] of export, draft, importing, are available to you. The same actions pretty much. [3xGears] You have history, so you have version control, you have the ability to export them, edit them, clone them, delete them, etc.
When you create content [click create content] is a little bit different than the other ones. You have a title for your content. The slug is the unique identifier that you will access this content piece with; and a short description. And then in the editor [click the editor box] you can choose this to be content [circle around blank area] or if you wanted just a simple text area [change Editor dropdown menu to Text Area] you can move to a simple text area [click OK].
[Content Store Editor opens] and [click typing box] just type a content as you see fit. Or if you want, what we call [drop down menu Editor, select Edit\/Area + cancel\/ok] our coders.
Example: [coders editors drop down, default HTML] And right here is our coders editor and you can see that you can even say [drop down menu] 'I want to type in ColdFusion', you can go ahead and start typing here [type asdf + enter x3] and it’ll do some syntax highlighting for you.
But the whole thing is for you to be able to create content. Give the metadata [scroll down] to specific content.
You can also choose publishing schema [scroll up, topright corner side bar] for your content, different caching characteristics [hover over caching open\/close] if you are an administrator and also, categorize [open\/close categories] your content as you see fit. [click BACK] [Content Store view opens] So the Content Store is very powerful and you can pretty much do anything you like with it and then retrieve or build your own modules to get that content out.
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