Page Actions
Each page in the Pages view has an actions column that allows you to quickly execute several actions on your page.

Page Info

Provides detailed information about your page [go to about row on the list and hover over the ‘’i’’], from last edited date to page-rendering configuration.


If you have a page that you’d like to use as a starting point for a new page, you can Clone a selected page by choosing “Clone” from the Page Actions menu. When cloning a page, you can specify a new, custom title for the page, as well as whether or not the new, cloned page should be automatically published. Additionally, you can clone the entire hierarchy of pages [hover over products]. Interesting: ContentBox will look into the content of cloned pages and update any slug that points to any point of the hierarchy so anything that is slash “myoriginalpage” page will be rewritten to slash\/new-myoriginalpage.


Choosing “Delete” from the Page Actions menu will delete the selected page, as well as any child pages.


Choosing History from the Page Actions menu will open the history channel for the selected page. You can view how many versions of the page exist, as well as compare the current version [black dot (left side under diff) to the last item] with the latest version [click compare versions; red button]. Comparing two versions will display a comparison chart of the data that have changed between versions. If needed, content versions can roll back to previous versions. When content is rolled back, ContentBox will create a new version number for the current version with the rollback.
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